Brett Coppol

My name is Brett and I love yoga.  I was instantly drawn to the science of the practice, it’s philosophical depth, and the tangible results I experienced through the integration of mind and body. For the first time in my life, I learned how to breathe.

My goal is to create the space for students to leave their mat feeling light and empowered. I teach creative, effective, and clearly-sequenced classes that focus on safe alignment and the balance of strength and flexibility. Inspired by the observation of movement and the study of anatomy, I challenge students to meet their physical edge, greet that edge with friendliness, and to always keep asking “why”?

Yoga has taught me to harness my wild mind, illuminating how to let go of self-doubt and laziness. Through my personal yoga practice, I’ve become the person that I am on my mat - courageous, fearless, kind, patient, compassionate, and happy for no reason at all. I have experienced first-hand the powerful physical and physiological benefits of yoga, and I want to teach anyone willing to learn that they, too, can have superpowers.